Body Piercings – Comprehend the Risks and Understand Common Problems

Body Piercings – Comprehend the Risks and Understand Common Problems

Whether you tiptoe into the body art world with a earlobe piercing or dive into something exotic, whatever, getting body piercings is a big deal for the first attempt or time. Once you figure it, it is important to collect the facts regarding the piercing process and to understand what it will be like and that to expect.

Here are a few important things to know:

This is to anticipate on getting pierced:

  • The piercer should maintain good hygiene, wash her or his hands using antibacterial soap, water and must always wear fresh, clean gloves.
  • The piercing are should be cleaned with antiseptic or alcohol, except for tongue.
  • Notice the piercer take out the needles from sterile containers.
  • Using a needle your skin is punctured. This needle is meant for single-use.
  • The jewelry piece is already sterilized and the body pierces ensures the needle is disposed in a container such that no risk of needle or blood arises.
  • The body piercer offers instructions on taking care of your new piercing and suggests that to do when there is a problem.

Risks of Body Piercing

Having mild swelling is regarded normal and the pierced area tenderness is regular. Swelling may be regarded significant only with tongue piercing. Remember, trying to pierce you may end in serious problems. Even asking a friend to do for you is not safe and most importantly you cannot ignore the environment. Ascertain the environment is safe and clean and the body piercing is done only by a professional.

However, even when you are absolutely careful, problems may happen and some of the related common problems include:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reaction to used jewelry
  • scarring

Infections may vary from skin or cartilage infections and cause swelling, redness, pus, and tenderness. In fact, serious infections include blood infections, toxic shock syndrome, hepatitis, and tetanus. If you have cracked or chipped teeth oral piercings are more a problem. Tongue swelling and jewelry block the airway in the mouth and this causes serious breathing issues.

There are possibilities that the nose jewelry may be inhaled or swallowed into the lungs. Based on the body part piercing is done, the healing time will vary. It may be few weeks to months. Nevertheless, in case you get a piercing done, take good care after piercing. Keep the area clean, use gentle soap and water; wash your hands prior to touching the piercing area.