Eight Wardrobe Essentials Women Should Have for the Cold Months

Eight Wardrobe Essentials Women Should Have for the Cold Months

In the winter, everyone has to fight the cold; however, this does not mean sacrificing their fashion sense. From classic cashmere sweaters to statement coats and skinny jeans, there are many cool stapes to choose from. The following are some winter wardrobe essentials that you should have for the cold months:

Cashmere Sweater

A crewneck or cashmere sweater is a chic layering piece. It usually looks good with collared winter shirts for women protruding from underneath. It definitely goes with everything like jeans, miniskirts, leather pants, and printed trousers.


A blazer will keep you looking chic and professional in the winter. It provides a great corporate feel. You can wear a blazer over any sleeveless work tops and dresses.

Skinny Jeans

These pieces are perfect for the cold months because of their streamlined silhouette that makes it possible for you to layer several items on top. They can be worn with flat heel booties and a leather jacket in the day or a silk drape top and pointy toe heels in the night.

Turtle Top

A turtleneck top will make sure you have a nice and snug neck all winter long. You can wear it with anything from a sleeveless dress to a sweater. In fact, a turtleneck can be worn with jeans without other pieces in the picture.

Blanket Wrap Scarf

Wear a blanket wrap scarf to enhance your winter outfit. There are a lot of ways to style the scarf, either by wrapping it around multiple times or throwing it over your shoulder.

Leather Jacket

Every winter wardrobe should include a leather jacket. This piece provides an instant edge and coolness to your outfit. It can be tossed over your jeans and tee or blouse or pants. A leather jacket will ensure you have a fabulous winter outfit.

Knitted Jumper Dress

A knitted jumper dress will show a bit of leg and make you cozy. It can be paired with your favorite tights or winter coat for additional warmth. You can choose either a loose or body-hugging jumping dress. You can wear this piece with most shoes.

Winter Coat

Even if your outerwear is the most significant aspect of your winter wardrobe, you still need to wear a statement coat. This piece will give a pop of color to any all-black or neutral outfit.